art deco Boom glass vase with pelicans





= original design

( collection Leo Faucompret, catalogue " Booms Glas-Verre de Boom " )



original art deco glass vase

by Boom Glasfabriek Artver  ( Paul Heller )

or Verrerie Doyen

Is not entirely unambiguous to indicate whether the vase has been produced at Boom or Doyen and whether it is a design of Paul Heller.

In the book " Verre et Noire"  by  Bragard this is discussed on p. 41.

ca 1930

gorgeous  design with two pelicans

very good  condition

one miniscul chip on the rim, very small one

backing default at the top

height 34cm/ diameter 20 cm/  the rim 11 cm



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