Pochoir, literally the French word for stencil,

is a centuries-old printmaking process


Lucien Vogel, taking full advantage of the pochoir technique in 1912, launched the lavishly illustrated monthly fashion magazine, La Gazette du Bon Ton. Vogel employed some of the greatest illustrators of the day to bring to life the newest creations of the Parisian couturiers. The success of La Gazette du Bon Ton fueled the public's desire for chic, colorful "journaux du gout" and gave birth to such publications as the elegant Journal des Dames, the trendy Art, Goût, Beauté, and Vogel's sequel to La Gazette, the superb but short-lived, Les Feuillets d'Art.

The 6 issues of Les Feuillets d'Art were published in Paris by Vogel between May 1919 and July 1920. Les Feuillets was issued in limited edition portfolio form. Each issue contained 5 feuillets, or leaves, on the subjects of literature, theatre, arts and design, music, and fashion (issues 3 through 6 have a sixth leaf, les feuillets de la publicité.) Vogel intended for Les Feuillets to be a fashion-savvy review in which he professed a dedication to "finding in the taste of the moment all that is traditional and durable."