In Antwerp, you will  NOT  find a regular antique market with standing.


You have only 

a small brocante market, every last wednesday of the month

on the Great Market, 10 am -6 pm

( not in winter )



And another  activity is worth mentioning :                                                                                                      

Rommelant : an enormous fair of second hand goods, and often good antiques.

             Eight editions.            



Besides that, Antwerp has a lot of little regular markets , EVERY WEEK  :

     Lijnwaadmarkt : from Eastern till October, on Saturday  (ONLY 3 dealers)

      St Jansvliet : every Sunday (20 dealers)

     Vogelmarkt : Sunday morning  (Blauwtorenplein) (6 dealers) 



     Antique market  BRECHT        Antiques centre & wholesale

FIMMERS   dealers trade   import-export   architectural antiquities


          Ambachtslaan  3   2960 Brecht

           Tel. 03/ 313 07 57   &  03/312 37 18

                    antique market every Sunday 10-18u






If you want a mention in  these list or change info, contact info@antiquesantwerp.com