This page contains a summary of ALL ANTIQUE DEALERS in Antwerp.

They are classified in five categories :


--- Antwerp city centre  20 dealers           map

These antique dealers are all found in the historic centre of Antwerp, 

in the streets around  the Carolus Borromeus church. They have a 

unique offer from small decorative objects to 18th & 19th century

antiques and furniture.

This is really the oldest antique area in Antwerp. Around the Carolus Borromeus church you find a lot of antique shops, special restaurants and pubs. You can  walk around in the small  medieval streets to enjoy old Antwerp and especially all kind of  antiques.

In this area you will  also find a lot of art galleries !!!!


--- Leopoldstraat & Mechelsesteenweg    20 dealers           map

         These dealers are mostly specialised in18th and 19th century antiques.

This  famous antiques district , is  located near the well-known  " Meir " 

and  extends to the Mechelse Steenweg.


--- St. Andries district  25 dealers          map

This is another   district in Antwerp, better known as 

the "Kloosterstraat ", situated   the length of the Schelde.           

Here you can find fifties, art deco as well as antiquities and decoration.

But be carefull  !!!

 The good reputation of the Kloosterstraat as the antique street is gone :

 More and more  shops with new decoration/ design  &  reproductions .

 Only a few of the first generation of  antique dealers are still there.


--- Other dealers & export

These dealers are spread over the city , and the region of Antwerp, 

and are not mentioned in one of  the listings above .

In this list you can find some dealers specialized in export trade



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